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Process Development Kit PDK

Zpolar Transistor |& Tunnel Mechanics

The process development kit, PDK, are the Bizen devices including the Zpolar Transistor and tunnel mechanics. These are patented and unique to SFN. This gain involves a change in th wafer process, this time going back six decades to move away from unipolar and bipolar physics, to take a new rood built on Zpolar. The result a transistor with phenomenal transconductance and an incredibly small vertical footprint which by applying current theory instead of voltage results in equivalent mV switching voltages with huge voltage gains - up to 1000, able to change a slow slew input into a rapid change at the output across its range.


The compound combination of the Bizen wafer process, Zpolar Transistor and Zpolar Tunnel Logic ZTL creates the Infrastructure time machine ITM. See an article on how a fab can take advantge of the ITM Fab- using an Infrastructure Time Machine ITM.  

See an article of Bizen ZTL Bizen the results (ten years back to the future) ZTL vs CMOS



Process Of Reference

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The process of reference ‘POR’ defines the physics of the Bizen wafer process.



Process Development Kit

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The process development kit, PDK, are the Bizen devices PDK including the Zpolar Transistor and tunnels.



Library Cells

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The Bizen cell libraries including the Zpolar Tunnel Logic (ZTL) family.